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Here is a super fun activity to do this week with your little princess or prince



Cardboard castles are a fun project for any child. Its brilliant for role play, super cheap to make and also you can also recycle your used boxes to create a medieval fortress. This is not only a fun project to make together but it gives your children a  chance to be creative, while also being Earth-friendly and using recycled products. 


A large cardboard box

Black paint

Plate or Tray (to put paint on)

Sponge (Washing up Scourer)

Black marker pen

Scissors or Craft knife 



  1. Lie box out flat and at the top draw the battlements, I used the sponge as my template to create the battlements (the wall along the top of a castle ) Also draw a door at the front of your castle using your black marker.
  2. Using a craft knife or scissors cut out your battlements at the top , I would recommend an adult do this. Then cut the middle and top of the door but not all the way round the door as you want them to open and close.
  3. Pop your paint into your tray and lightly dip your sponge into the paint, use the edge of the tray to remove any excess. Then dab the sponge onto the cardboard to create the stonework in a brick pattern... repeat this until all sides of your castle is covered 
  4. Then pop your castle upright and enjoy. Let your children's imagination run wild. Maybe you could make 2 castles and have a battle or you could add towers/ turrets to your castle using empty loo roll centres. 

We also made crowns and swords , as you can see from the photos 






Making a basic castle out of the materials above is lots of fun, but you could also make ones based on your favourite castles that you have visited in the past with different styles of architecture, or you could also make a castle out of paper or mini ones out of old cereal boxes. If you encourage your kids to experiment with construction techniques at home and combine these with observations from real life, they're bound to enjoy the experience all the more.




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Happy castle building 


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