Toddler Royal Healthy Pancake

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 How about try this fun but healthy breakfast idea for your little one. This pancake is packed with goodness and looks amazing too and is super easy and quick




1 Ripe Banana

1 Egg

2 spoonfuls of plain natural yoghurt

Handful of strawberries or raspberries 

Handful of blueberries 

Coconut oil or butter




  1. Mash banana in bowl then add egg until all combined 
  2. Pop a small teaspoon of oil/butter in a small frying pan , then add mixture to pan. Once the one side is cooked, you can tell this when it bubbles on top, flip it over until both sides are golden brown. Usually takes a few minutes each side. 
  3. Place pancake on plate , allow to slighty cool a start decorating. First add your yogurt , then slice your strawberry and add to create the cross, use thin pieces to use for the diagonal. Then half blueberries and add these to create the other sections of the flag
  4. The serve and enjoy. Chop up for younger children

Would love to see yours if you make this royal breakfast 

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